Meet the Staff

Al DeFrancesco

President/CEO – As founder, Al brings over 12 years experience in the PEO industry. As a successful business owner, he knows first hand the intricate details a company needs to advance in today’s challenging world. Taking a hands on approach, each client receives his personal attention to detail. Holding degrees in Criminal Justice, Business Administration as well as numerous certifications he is the consummate professional to entrust your business.

Vicki Rose

Senior Vice President of Business Development and Benefits
Throughout a sales and marketing career that spans four decades, Vicki lends her PEO talent and expertise along with her extensive accounting and business background to assure that our clients receive the highest caliber service. As a licensed health and variable annuities agent, she is responsible for personalizing the most affordable options available with the nations leading carriers.

Darren McDaniel

Director of Information Technology-
With 20 years of IT Experience under his belt, working on systems as far ranging as IBM’s System 32 in the early eighty’s to modern hardware today, Darren bring’s a unique perspective on how to modernize a small company.  In addition to managing the technology, Darren also is in the process of developing a world class system that PEOINC will use to automate and modernize it’s day to day customer operations.